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About Paragon


Paragon Higher Education represents some of the world’s best universities and distributes their highly coveted courses and programs globally through a unique university-to-university model. A spectrum of market-relevant Concentrations and Specializations in high-demand fields of global interest are available affordably, fully online and on demand to top quality institutions around the world who wish to become “hosts” for this exclusive product line.

Concentrations and Specializations are an innovation in knowledge delivery and a global credential developed and taught by distinguished scholars from the best-known universities, serving as “virtual visiting professors.” They:

Differentiate host university from its competitors
• Enhance marketability of host university’s undergraduate and graduate programs
• Help grow host university’s enrollment and revenue
• Provide job-relevant knowledge in high demand fields of global interest to hosts’ students
• Help students enhance their resumes with a revered global brand


High Quality • Affordable • 100% Online • On Demand • From Top Brands

Concentrations and Specializations


Concentrations from top university brands expand the marketability of a university’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs by enhancing their focus on specific fields of market interest. Learn More >

They also differentiate students’ resumes in a highly competitive job environment where relevant knowledge is at a premium. A portfolio of top-brand concentrations combined with general business programs is generating a surge in enrollment at many universities across the country.

Concentrations are comprised of three courses delivered 100% online. Each course in a Concentration is designed and taught by distinguished scholars serving as “virtual visiting professors.” Students receive a Certificate upon completion of each course and a Concentration at the conclusion of three courses. < Show Less

Virtual Study Abroad

Virtual Study Abroad from the world’s best universities is distributed through host universities in countries around the world. Host institutions facilitate student participation and their subsequent enrollment in the program. Learn More >

Each course in the Virtual Study Abroad program is designed and taught by distinguished scholars severing as “virtual visiting professors.” Students receive a Certificate upon completion of each course and a Specialization diploma at the conclusion of three courses. Virtual Study Abroad enables students a unique opportunity to earn Specialization diplomas and Certificates in high demand fields of global interest from the world’s top university at a fraction of the cost of leaving home and studying in the United States or in the United Kingdom.

By overcoming the limitations of time, access and affordability, Paragon is making top quality higher education a reality for unprecedented numbers of students around the world.< Show Less

Global Distribution of Content and Credentials

Through the most advanced learning system in the world, Paragon Higher Education helps universities to deliver high quality content and credentials to enhance student’s degrees and career opportunities. This system is an e-commerce platform for higher education, which makes it possible for top universities to serve vast numbers of global students. It is the world’s first fully integrated enrollment, payment, and course delivery system.


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Paragon Higher Education establishes university partnerships to help increase access to elite global university brands in the form of degree concentrations and virtual travel abroadIf you are instested in learning more submit the following.

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